Friday, December 4, 2015

Toll House, Angeles City

You are never a certified Angeleño if you don't know Toll House. Toll House predates many modern restaurants in Angeles City that most millenial Angeleños know. Since I came to Angeles City way back 1997, it has been serving hungry students mostly from HAU which is within the vicinity and a famish crowd from different walks of life.

Toll House is a place that serves you comfort food and familiar dishes. And like Angeles City itself, it feels like home. We may go to different places but it seems to be calling us back. Toll House, Angeles City

The restaurant is always busy. Some are just buying cakes and meals to go, but a lot of people would dine in and enjoy that homey environment. Toll House, Angeles City

I am glad that they open a branch in Marquee. It's really a high time that they would expand and cater more people. The place looks so inviting and colorful. 

Toll House is really known for its meaty and creamy baked macaroni and baked spaghetti. A lot of people would come to enjoy a serving of their pasta . But if I am to recreate it, I wanted the sauce to be more cheesy with butter hence, more salty. Theirs is kind of sweet to my taste.

Typically, bechamel sauce is a butter, flour, and milk combo. But what I do is to add cheese and remove the flour ingredient. Toll House, Angeles City
Baked mac Toll House, Angeles City
Baked spaghetti

Aside from their pasta, I do love their lengua with rice. I am fond of something creamy, so this one really deserves my thumbs up. Lengua is an ox tail recipe with mushroom in creamy sauce. Toll House, Angeles City

During the Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan event, one of my fave was the tropical chicken by Toll House. It's creamy chicken pastel topped with mashed potato. Toll House, Angeles City

If you want to go healthy, they have a yummy spring roll or fresh lumpia with a sweet sauce. Toll House, Angeles City

For some meaty option, they have pork spare ribs and beef with vegetables. Toll House, Angeles City Toll House, Angeles City

Toll House
Phone number: (045) 888 2741
  • Sto. Rosario Street
  • Marquee Mall


  1. Need to add this on my list of where to eat in Pampanga because we will be visiting the place this coming December. Meaty and creamy baked macaroni and baked spaghetti are my favorites! Thanks for the info!

  2. All the dishes looks amazing.. wanna taste :p


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