Sunday, November 29, 2015

Home-Cooked Pasta With Spinach and Meatballs

Home-cooked meals need not be bland or boring. You can always cook something up that seems like restaurant quality. You don't have to go out to somewhere expensive to enjoy a delicious meal.

Here's my pasta with spinach and meatballs. I don't want to sound arrogant but I am just in love with my own cooking right now (haha!). Home-cooked meal

The sauce was already prepared beforehand. So, it was ready to use.

If you are interested to know how I prepare this, check the recipe below.


  • pasta noodles (your own preference)
  • ready-made Italian pasta sauce
  • garlic
  • onion
  • spinach
  • oil
  • grated or chopped cheese
For the meatballs
  • ground beef
  • whole egg
  • bread crumbs
  • catsup
  • finely chopped garlic
  • finely chopped onions
  • grated cheese
  • salt
  • pepper
  • sugar

1.  Cooked the pasta al dente. Set aside.
2.  Prepare the meatballs. Mix all the ingredients: ground beef, egg, bread crumbs, catsup, chopped garlic, chopped onions, grates cheese, salt, pepper and little sugar. Mix it well with a spoon or get messy with your hand.
3.  Make some balls from your meat mixture.
4.  Put oil in your skillet and slightly brown your meatballs.
5.  Remove the meatballs from the heat and set aside.
6.  Using the same pan, remove excess oil. Leave a little oil for frying the onions and garlic.
7.  Saute the chopped onions and garlic
8.  Saute the spinach.
9.  Add the cooked meatballs and incorporate it in the sauce.
10. Top the sauce on your cooked pasta.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hearty Dessert @ UCC Park Cafe, Ayala Center in Makati

A trip to UCC Park Café, Ayala Center in Makati for a bite can do the trick in de-stressing ourselves after a day's work. The scrumptious offering they have and the lush surroundings give temporary and nice escape from the city life. Though located within towering buildings and busy Ayala streets, staying at the cafe could be reinvigorating

Last time, I met some friends for breakfast. We had our breakfast somewhere else but decided to have our dessert in a last minute at UCC Park Café. 

Al fresco dining would be great but since it was starting to get warm we decided to stay indoor.

We had Mixed Berries French Toast Tower that looks like over-sized tofus. It was served with sweetened berries on the side and ice cream, and a dollop of whipped cream on top. The bread itself is not sweet, so you have to eat it with the berries and ice cream altogether. It is so yummy. UCC Park Cafe

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bacon, Egg and Alfalfa Sandwich

Recent articles about the health danger on eating bacon have been bombarding my Facebook page. I am sure you've been seeing that in your news feed as well, It's quite annoying because I really love bacon.  And I am sure a lot of you love bacon too.

The articles caused panic attack among netizens. The articles are just rehash of old news because there is really nothing new to it. We know that anything dead, preserved or synthetic are not good. That's why we have to eat them in moderation. These kind of food is what some people would say as garbage--it is toxic to the body.

How about mobile phones and cigarettes? Though mobile phones are not ingested and cigarettes are not eaten, they cause harm to the body. They can cause cancer too! Now, we should have panic attack. We should run to the mountains and live like the natives.

Well, despite of the odds about bacon, I still have them in my fridge. It is my savior during times that I couldn't go to the grocery or during busy hours that I couldn't fix some decent meal.

Here is a picture of my sandwich with bacon, fried egg, and alfalfa sprouts. Home-cooked meal

Does it looks good? Well, it taste yummy too.

Alfalfa sprouts in sandwich seems uncommon. I know it is being used for pannizza or pizza rolls but I haven't seen it on sandwich. Maybe, not here in the Philippines. I'm not really sure,

I love how the alfalfa sprouts add a nutty flavor to my sandwich. 

I spread tomato ricotta pesto on my bread; put the cooked bacon, fried egg, and the alfalfa sprouts. And viola, I got myself a delicious sandwich! Try this, it is really good! And yeah, call me a bad influence for telling you to eat bacon.