Sunday, February 26, 2012

Single Bungle Makchang: Taste of Korea

Single Bungle Makchang is a Korean Restaurant in Angeles City just near the Clark Economic Zone perimeter. It is located in Friendship Highway, at the Korean part of the town, where you will see a long queue of Korean restaurants and bars.

Koreans have been living harmoniously with Filipinos. I remembered back in my college days when some of my school mates would say they are invading our country. Well, they probably is, in a good way. Many Koreans come here to our country for education. They also come to put up their business; hence providing jobs to many Filipinos. Since many of them are living here in our country, naturally they would be putting up their own shops, stores and restaurants that specifically provide their wants. While its an advantage to them, it is also good for us. Now, we can experience a little bit of Korea in our own town.

When craving for something that would tickle the palate, going to a Korean resto wouldn't fail you. You can enjoy spicy Asian meal that would awaken your senses. I give my two thumbs up with my nice dinner at Single Bungle Makchang. Ordering a meal of Samgyeupsal and a bowl of tofu soup looked like we had a feast.

The tofu soup, which I believed was called soondubuchigae, was served hot. Since it is spicy, my tongue couldn't quite distinguish the difference. I felt that it was burning my palate. I have a low tolerance for spicy food, by the way, and just a could of spoonful of the broth makes my face go red. Single Bungle Makchang: A Taste of Korea
hot and spicy tofu soup. Lot's of chili in here.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Filipinos eat three full meal a day, typically served with white rice, and enjoy eating snacks in between--brunch (just before lunch), merienda (after lunch), and midnight snack. Some of us enjoy munching something during work. We can't deny it, Filipinos just love to eat.  No wonder, the food business is thriving in our country. If we would ask a Filipino what kind of business he would put up, my guess is 9 out of 10 would answer Food.

Here in the Philippines, you will see food being sold almost everywhere. In the streets, you can see makeshift stalls, kiosks, and carts selling variety of food. You can see food chain restaurants and coffee shops anywhere. When your palate is craving for some foreign dishes--it can be American, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian or Italian food--you can find a restaurant somewhere.

Filipinos just love to eat. Hence, my love for food is just natural.

Here in this blog, I will be talking about food, of course--food that I personally prepare in the kitchen, I bought in the street or in a kiosk, food we ordered in the restaurant, and etc. This blog will give you a glimpse of the Filipino culture and in the town that I live (Angeles City).

So, I formally welcome you to my blog. I hope you will be delighted with my photos (some would be creative commons or public domains) and my stories. Feel free to drop me a message and add me in Google+.

Filipino breakfast by Caryl Estrosas, taken @ Conti's in Nuvali