Monday, August 21, 2017

Pizza, Frappe and the Thing Called Life

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."- 1 Corinthians 13:13

Nobody says life is going to be easy. Instead, we are being taught on how to deal with the different challenges we come across. In fact, a lot of philosophies and practices came out to help modern people as we face various stressors in our lives. Meditation is one, which helps you to silence your brain. Mindfulness is another practice to bring your mind into the present moment. The law of attraction or LOA conditions your mind to manifest what you really want in life. And there are so much more.

All of those principles are good. If you are practicing one or all of them, you can probably attest how powerful these are in honing your mental strength.

Another powerful practice is having a deep-rooted relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Silly as this may sound to non-believers but I'm stating a fact.

Jesus Christ promises Salvation and Eternal Life in Heaven. Nothing in this world comes close to that promise not even your handsome boyfriend who promises to cross the ocean and give you the entire world just to marry him. Love in this world is fleeting. It changes. But not the Love offered by the Lord Jesus to men that He died for our sins so we will not go to the lake of fire. Do you believe that? No wonder, some people who chose to believe that Love and who have built a strong relationship with the Lord also build a strong mental attitude.

Why would you be afraid or worried when God is with you, right? 

With Love, we can do amazing things even the hardest thing of all like forgiving an enemy.

However, be mindful that the bible teaches Love but it is discouraging us not to Love the world because the love of the Father is not there. See 1 John 2:15 of the bible. And He teaches us to Trust the Lord, that whatever we ask in prayer, we receive. These Christian teachings have some parallels in other religions like Buddhism

The belief of Jesus and the habits that go along with being spiritual aligns your thought that leads to a peaceful and happy life. Most spiritual people, and I mean not just Christ believers, who sometimes don't even have much of material wealth and yet you find them happier and feel that aura of peace that you can't simply find from other people. Wealth can sometimes be a baggage too.

Check this Youtube video: The Habits of Happiness, a Ted Talk.

So, what does it have to do with Pizza and Frappe? Well, that's because despite life's challenges--the pain of losing a loved one, the financial turmoil, the sadness, etc.--we get to enjoy life's simple bliss because we choose to. 

Pizza at Gustav, Angeles City

Pizza at Gustav, Angeles City

Gustav, Angeles City

Instead of being swallowed by our sadness and pain, we dined out and swallowed the pizza and frappe with much gusto at Gustav. With delicious food laid on the table, life is good after all.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Exploring Laguindingan: Trek to Tambo Falls

A certain magic is at work the moment we hear the sound and see gushing waters. Our worries and troubles seem to fade away.

In my hometown Laguindingan in Misamis Oriental, there is a small but beautiful waterfall located at Brgy. Sambulawan. They call it Tambo Falls.

While people are flocking to widely visited, man-made and fancy tourist destinations, some people enjoy exploring off-beaten path like this. I personally like it very much. Its rustic beauty is charming--the rugged and narrow paths, the damp areas you stepped into, the wild ferns and plants, the leaves that slap your face, the sound of the chirping birds, the swaying of the trees, and all. It is just wonderful.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hanabishi Multi-Cooker in the Kitchen

Home-cooked meals are always the best for budget-conscious like me. Although, it is great to dine out once in a while to excite your taste buds and to save you time from washing the dishes, cooking your food at home is cheaper.

It could be difficult to find a karenderia especially in Metro Manila's upscale areas. Hence, It is wise to cook instead and save some of your hard-earned income.

So, recently I purchased a 9-in-1 multi-cooker from Hanabashi for Php1,250. It can be used as a broiler, braising pan, steamer, slow cooker, stew, BBQ, deep fryer, stir fryer, and warmer.

Since I bought it, I've been cooking my meals using the multi-cooker. I've cooked rice. I toasted my sandwich. I fried fish. I cooked my veggies. I'm still exploring what else I can cook. 

Here are some of the meals I've prepared so far:

Toasted bread and not-so-scrambled eggs with cheese