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My hunger for delicious food is insatiable hence the self-proclaimed moniker as the hungry pinay. As long as I live, I will search for what my taste bud's desire.

I love to eat. Like most people who enjoy food so much, I desire to try everything that looks appetizing or even if it's not, just for the sake of experience, I'll eat it. I love to cook as well. It makes me happy to cook especially for the people that are special to me.

Food has stories. It tells a lot about our history, culture and society we live in. It is fascinating to know the details behind what is served on our table.

Food can also be very personal. Some recipes are handed to us for generations and become a family recipe.

The distinct aroma of some dishes gives us nostalgia. I always get that feeling every time I smell nori and noodles--reminds me of my short yet wonderful stay in Japan. And there are dishes that reminds me of my home in the province where lemon grass or tanglad is abundant.

The modern fare reflects the kind of society we live in--often fancy and complicated. The taste is intricate and mesmerizing. The presentation is beautiful that it breaks your heart to eat it.

Here in this blog, I will be sharing my food stories, food pictures, food adventures and misadventures. I will be sharing my experiences with the hope that you will be able to try them too. I will tell about about some food brands I patronize and home-cooked recipes that make me happy or sad.

Since I also travel, you'll also read some travel stories and featured destinations.

In 2014, I reinvented this blog from it's original blog name of Masarap [Delicious], I changed it to Hungry Pinay, which I deemed more fitting. So, if you find photos watermarked with Angsarap.blogspot.com, this explains it.

I formally welcome you to my blog. I hope you will be delighted with my photos (some would be creative commons or public domains though) and my food and travel stories.

I am open to business partnerships or whatever you've got there. Feel free to drop me a message at caryl(.)estrosas@gmail(.com) and let's talk what you have in mind.

Filipino breakfast by Caryl Estrosas, taken @ Conti's in Nuvali

Behind Hungry Pinay

My name is Caryl Joan Estrosas. I am the Hungry Pinay. I am the sole author of this blog.

I am a digital marketing person for an IT company. I also work as an independent contractor and freelance marketing consultant to international clients.

Feel free to check my LinkedIn profile and connect with me.

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[updated: July 21, 2017]

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