Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Plainview, Mandaluyong.

You really don't have to spend that much to eat a delicious and gourmet-style meal. Just go to Kanto--not your ordinary kanto though but to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Mandaluyong.

The word kanto means street corner in English translation. Here in the Philippines it is typically where tambays (bystanders) meet and stay and where food hawkers sell inexpensive fares.

I am fortunate that I am currently staying near Kanto, which just a jeepney ride away.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is a familiar name to foodies because they served fine fares at affordable prices in an eatery-like environment. They proudly call their resto as Tapsihan Uplifted or Sossy Tapsihan, which is fitting.

It started small in one of the residential areas in Mandaluyong. I've been here a couple of years ago. I remembered ordering pancakes and immediately fall in love with the food.

Now, they have several branches all over the Metro to serve their expanding market. You don't have to go to Brgy. Plainview in Mandaluyong to taste their awesome meals.

Last time, I have their honey garlic chicken, served with hollandaise sauce and on the side is tomato topped with pesto. Sound so sosyal, right? It's only Php100-ish.

To treat my sweet cravings, I brought home delicious banana peanut butter pancakes.

My total bill was only Php170 if my memory serves me right. Not bad, yeah?


Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Mandaluyong
549 San Joaquin St. brgy Plainview, Mandaluyong City 

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