Sunday, August 7, 2016

Craft Beer + Fine Food @ The Perfect Pint, BGC

After a tiring day at the office, while people are rushing to make it home, others spend some time catching up with good friends with their favorite beer and great food. The Perfect Pint is strategically located amidst the business district of BGC in Taguig that offers home brewed and local craft beer and gastronomic experience that will keep you coming back.

The food is superb. But I have to tell you this, the place is not the place for the health conscious.

What led me to dine at The Perfect Pint is the almost endless persuasion of a friend to try their Kapal Face (Thick Face).

Mouthwatering don't you think? The Perfect Pint's Kapal Face is a cured crisp pork mascara served with fried egg. Yes, that is pork's face right there. This artery-clogging meal is very tasty and perfectly fried to perfection.