Sunday, August 7, 2016

Craft Beer + Fine Food @ The Perfect Pint, BGC

After a tiring day at the office, while people are rushing to make it home, others spend some time catching up with good friends with their favorite beer and great food. The Perfect Pint is strategically located amidst the business district of BGC in Taguig that offers home brewed and local craft beer and gastronomic experience that will keep you coming back.

The food is superb. But I have to tell you this, the place is not the place for the health conscious.

What led me to dine at The Perfect Pint is the almost endless persuasion of a friend to try their Kapal Face (Thick Face).

Mouthwatering don't you think? The Perfect Pint's Kapal Face is a cured crisp pork mascara served with fried egg. Yes, that is pork's face right there. This artery-clogging meal is very tasty and perfectly fried to perfection.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Eat Wide Awake: SaladStop! @ BGC, Taguig

We are living in a very hectic lifestyle that we want everything to be fast, convenient and cheap including our food.  That's what SaladStop! is trying to change. Hence the motto "Eat Wide Awake" to promote conscious and healthy eating.

SaladStop! delight veggie lovers and health-conscious people with their delicious and nutritious salads and wraps. They offer some classics like Cobb, Nicoise and Geek. They have several signatures which include their best-selling Oh Crab Lah! that uses their Singapore chili crab dressing. You may choose to create your own salad or wrap if you want. SaladStop! Cobb Salad
SaladStop! Classic Cobb Salad SaladStop! Cobb Salad
Each bowl is a serving of 594 kcal

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marks & Spencer Granola Squares

The granola squares by Marks & Spencer is a certified hit! It is love at my first bite. Now, I am a self-confessed granola squares addict. I just love it so much and I can't resist it.

Every bite is heaven. And because it is granola, I feel less guilty. Or should I be guilty? Well, it doesn't even matter how much calories it really has. The granola square is a combo of rolled oats, nuts, seeds and raisins. That sweet, crunchy and chewy goodness is just so tempting and worth every bite. M&S Granola Squares

According to Calorie Count, the granola square has 330 calories. Sounds high for a piece of snack? Maybe but it could be worth it, I swear, you are going to love it too once you have a taste of it.

During my stay in Taguig, I always find the reason to go to the Central Square, Bonifacio Global City to buy myself some granola squares. The first time I bought one was out of my gloomy mood, I need something to lighten me up a bit. I thought that snacking on granola squares would do the trick same way as ice cream does. And it did.  The second time I bought one was to have something to munch on while keeping me company while working during the lonely nights. And then goes the third, the fourth...and I lose count (LOL).

Since I am in the province right now, I still need to find out if the M&S branch have these granola squares.

Marks & Spencer 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Recovery Food @ BGC, Taguig

Remember the last time your party so hard and got drunk? Where you able to get home? Your legs were dragging you, your body was too heavy to make it home, Maybe you ended up somewhere eating something hot like mami or eating tapsilog to get sober first.

I know that feeling--been there, done that. And honestly, I got tired of it. Those days are so over.

Recovery Food at BGC could be that place for a quick bite after that Saturday evening of partying. But aside from the party animals who needed much of that resuscitation, Recovery Food is for the hungry mob who wants some familiar and comforting dishes--those dishes that we really never get tired of eating. It is a modern day tapsilogan or mamihan. Recovery Food, BGC
Recovery Food
Unit R108, Bonifacio Stop Over, Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City Recovery Food, BGC
Recovery Food
Unit R108, Bonifacio Stop Over, Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Food Favorites

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  is one of my favorite coffee shops. They not only brewed the perfect cup but they offer delicious food choices. With their free wifi for Coffee Bean card holders and outlet, their shops are ideal for virtual workers like me.

Working at home can be very distracting sometimes. With the endless chores I have to do and with my family and friends that can come and go, it would be very easy to get distracted. Hence, working at coffee shops is an excellent place to stay away from the things that could easily disturb me. The only challenge is that I can't simply leave my things behind every time I need to pee. But sometimes, I'd talk to the security guard or crew to watch over my stuff while I'm gone.

Every time I decide to work outside home, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  is my first option.

Often, I would stay for a minimum of 5 hours. When I would stay that long, I am compelled to order more especially food. And that means  higher expenses. But, of course, I don't have to do that often. Once a week to twice a month would be good, enough to break the monotony of working at home.

Here are my top Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf food choices:

Sardine & Garlic Linguine

This is an olive oil-based pasta mixed with Spanish-style sardines and roasted garlic topped with parmesan cheese. This is a personal favorite.