Sunday, December 6, 2015

Teppanya, SM Clark: Modern Japanese Resto

Give in to your Japanese food cravings and get wowed by the amazing culinary skills of the chefs at Teppanya, located at the bigger and improved SM Clark.

Guests at Teppanya come in not only to eat their favorite Japanese dish but to be entertained as the chef prepare their meal right in front of them and show off their calculated kitchen moves.

It is so exciting and engaging to see your chef cooking the food you are about to eat. There is something so intimate and menacing about it. Guests are gawking at their food being prepared while the chef mindlessly do his own thing.

Our hungry group each ordered a 5 course starter set. We all get to choose what composed our meal. Teppanya, SM Clark

For my 1st course, I had a grilled eggplant with bonito flakes. Bonito flakes is called Katsuobushi or okaka by Japanese. It's a paper-thin dried fish flakes that taste a little salty that complement the eggplant. Teppanya, SM Clark

I had usuyaki beef for my appetizer. It's a rolled sukiyaki cut beef with enoki mushrooms. Suffuse with umami, you can eat it by itself without any soy sauce dip. Teppanya, SM Clark

For my soup, I had a clam soup which was served in a teapot. I was so ecstatic in eating that I wasn't able to take a photo.

I enjoyed how the chef prepared my chahan rice with those turning and rolling of eggs. I feel like clapping my hands after watching those cooking tricks. Teppanya, SM Clark

Watch this short video clip:

Last but the not least is my banana flambĂ© for dessert which was cooked in fire.  It's banana topped with vanilla ice cream and served with tempura flakes. Teppanya, SM Clark Teppanya, SM Clark

If you happen to be at SM Clark, try visiting Teppanya, It is a warm and inviting place, great for family and friends and for a romantic date too. Teppanya, SM Clark

SM Clark, 2009 Angeles City
Phone: 045 499 0353

Open: Mon-Sun 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

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