Monday, December 28, 2015

Caffé Bene's Chicken Mushroom Pesto Sandwich

A delicious sandwich must be made of fresh and tasty ingredients. The bread is crisp, chewy and not dry. And in between are slices of meat, cheese and veggies with flavorful spread.

The chicken mushroom pesto sandwich by Caffe Bene at SM Clark, Angeles City  is my kind of sandwich. It is delicious yet it only consist of few ingredients, hence very easy to re-create at home.

The ciabatta bread is smeared with basil pesto, sandwiching slices of chicken and mushroom. 

If I am to make this at home, I would love more chicken in it.

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Caffe Bene Philippines

Friday, December 18, 2015

Cisan's, Nepo Quad in Angeles City

Complex, harmonious and delicious--these are some of the adjectives we could use to define Thai cuisine. Every dishes are playful concoction of various flavors yet they are presented in harmony to achieve that savory taste that you would love and keep coming back for more.

While we were in Angeles City, me and my friends visited Cisan's at Nepo Quad, one of the perfect places to go to for a sumptuous Thai meal. Like our previous dining experience with Cisan's, it never failed to fulfill our Thai food hunger.

We ordered tom yam for starter. Cisan's version is a creamy, sour and spicy soup with shrimp. It's a great soup to heat you up in a cold evening. For people with sinusitis like me, they said this could help clear up congested sinuses but I thought it was the other way around. Though it taste delicious, the strong flavor seems to flare up my nostrils and trigger some allergies. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine

For our main course, we have this flavorful and filling grilled pork with bagoong (shrimp paste) rice. That acid taste of the green mango and the sweet taste of the grilled pork makes a delicious contrast to the rice with bagoong. The various flavors which seems to be weird and contradicting actually complement each other. Cisan's created this dish very well. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine

Thursday, December 10, 2015

My First With GrabBike

You'll never dodge traffic in Manila. Like our greatest fear in life, it is something that we really have to face. Sadly, many of us have to face it in a day to day basis even spending 4-6 hours of their daily lives stuck in the road of endless lines of vehicles.

Manila can really be stressful because of the traffic. Removing the traffic jam in the scene, Manila could be a great place to stay.

Today, I'd just like to share my first-time experience with GrabBike. I am definitely ecstatic because I made it to my destination in a very short amount of time. If I took a cab instead of GrabBike, it would have taken me 30 minutes to reach the place with all those traffic jams I came across with. GrabBike

GrabBike driver Segredo Goyonan was the lucky one who picked me up. He handed me a disposable hair cap and face mask courtesy of Grab, and let me use the helmet. They really consider hygiene here which I totally appreciate. 

I feel like smiling to the jeep and cab passengers who were stuck in their unmoving vehicle. Yeah, proud me.

I never mind the heat of the sun and the sweat. What matters to me was getting to the place fast getting pass those irritating jams.

GrabBike offer a base fare of P40 for the first 2km. Every succeeding 2-7 km is P10 additional.

I went home taking GrabBike again. The second lucky guy was Joseph Benitez of TE 4437 whom I got the chance to talk lengthily about his business as bike driver and his personal life.

I am a repeat customer and surely, I will patronize this service every time I'll be in Manila.

I feel safe while riding. The drivers are careful. It never made me feel I am in a vulnerable state inching closer to my grave. I found out that they are trained by Grab. So, that explains it. They are also very fast in responding and texting.

I am used to riding habal habal in the province so riding motor bike is not new. The issue in riding a motor bike in a very busy and crowded metro is the lurking danger behind the never-ending traffic, the jammed streets and the reckless drivers you could potentially encounter. In the province, the danger in riding habal habal is worse. There might be no traffic jam because there are barely vehicles running in the streets but undisciplined driver could be putting your life in grave danger. GrabBike

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Downtown Cafe, Angeles City

1950's was the time of "Rock and Roll, Cadillacs, Jukeboxes and Soda Fountains". It was an era of the baby boomers. Now, it is a distant past that Gen-Xers and the millennial babies can't relate themselves too. Thankfully, there are places like the Downtown Cafe at Nepo Quad, Angeles City, that relive that era and acquaint people on how wonderful those years were.

Downtown Cafe is Claude and Mary Ann Tayag's extension of Bale Dutung. Unlike Bale Dutung that is strictly by reservation, Downtown Cafe is for casual dining. The restaurant recreates and modernize familiar Kapampangan dishes. It surprises our palate with their fresh takes of Pampanga's fares.


Trianggulos (P225.00)

Trianggulos are samosas filled with tinapa, spinach, kesong puti and pili nut and served with tomato sofrito dip. This appetizer is perfectly fried to perfection. It is served on absorbent paper to drain excess oil--it can be greasy if not. Downtown Cafe, Angeles City

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Teppanya, SM Clark: Modern Japanese Resto

Give in to your Japanese food cravings and get wowed by the amazing culinary skills of the chefs at Teppanya, located at the bigger and improved SM Clark.

Guests at Teppanya come in not only to eat their favorite Japanese dish but to be entertained as the chef prepare their meal right in front of them and show off their calculated kitchen moves.

It is so exciting and engaging to see your chef cooking the food you are about to eat. There is something so intimate and menacing about it. Guests are gawking at their food being prepared while the chef mindlessly do his own thing.

Our hungry group each ordered a 5 course starter set. We all get to choose what composed our meal. Teppanya, SM Clark

For my 1st course, I had a grilled eggplant with bonito flakes. Bonito flakes is called Katsuobushi or okaka by Japanese. It's a paper-thin dried fish flakes that taste a little salty that complement the eggplant. Teppanya, SM Clark

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Coffee Academy, Angeles City: Work + Food

Coffee Academy is among my top fave cafe in Angeles City as a freelancer. It is not just because of the food and coffee but because of their operating hours and their free wifi.

The biggest challenge of being a virtual worker like me is the presence of reliable internet connection during our required working hours. Hence, to most of us, we would often look for a place that is open 24/7 with free wifi, outlet and of course, coffee.

Coffee Academy is open until 4 am which makes it ideal to do our work even during US time while sipping our coffee and enjoying our choice of food.

Cake and hot coffee is a great combo to perk me up especially during ungodly hour. I sometimes do get choco mani with my choice of cup which I can mix it in my coffee. Coffee Academy, Angeles City

Toll House, Angeles City

You are never a certified Angeleño if you don't know Toll House. Toll House predates many modern restaurants in Angeles City that most millenial Angeleños know. Since I came to Angeles City way back 1997, it has been serving hungry students mostly from HAU which is within the vicinity and a famish crowd from different walks of life.

Toll House is a place that serves you comfort food and familiar dishes. And like Angeles City itself, it feels like home. We may go to different places but it seems to be calling us back. Toll House, Angeles City

The restaurant is always busy. Some are just buying cakes and meals to go, but a lot of people would dine in and enjoy that homey environment. Toll House, Angeles City

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ginzadon, Resorts World Manila: Japanese and Korean Restaurant

If you happen to be at Resorts World Manila and can't seem to decide whether to dine in a Japanese or Korean resto, Ginzadon could be your place. The restaurant offers the best of both Japanese and Korean cuisine.

It is located at the second floor of Maxims Hotel. I personally love the ambiance. It is a cozy place for a romantic and friendly date. I spotted the sushi bar which I wanted to try next time. Ginzadon, Resorts World Manila Ginzadon, Resorts World Manila