Friday, August 15, 2014

Cioccolo, Angeles City: Cakes and Coffee Night

Amidst the challenges and pressure of living as an adult, you still get to enjoy life's simple joy with your friends-- and they unbelievably served in small plates and cups. Surprisingly, these sweet servings ease your pain and somehow make you think that there is much to explore in life.

A visit to Cioccolo momentarily help you forget that you live in a busy city life and never-ending struggles. It takes you back to another era as I've mentioned in my previous blog post Romantic Air, Renaissance and Relaxing Dining @ Cioccolo, Angeles City, it is surrounded with the beauty of nature with statues and columns in reminiscence of Ancient Greece and Rome. The place itself is worth the trip. Wait until you taste what's in their menu.

We visited Cioccolo for a nightcap. Ironically, we had our favorite coffee paired with slices of cakes, which we shared. Nice to end the night huh? Caffeine and sugar rush to cap the night off.