Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ramen, Sashimi and Sushi Night at Sempai

I have a fond memory of Japan. Ten years ago, I went to Japan for a production training where I get to enjoy a rural living, the pre-autumn scenery and, most of all, the authentic Japanese cuisine. If the universe will allow me, I might be visiting Japan within the year.

When you've been to Japan and tasted their food, your taste buds wouldn't be the same again when you go back to your own country. Your taste buds will adapt to the meticulously and deliciously prepared Japanese food. Hence, you become a bit picky and meticulous.


Last Saturday, me and my friends feasted on Japanese dishes at Sempai, a Japanese restaurant in Angeles City. We had sushi, sashimi, our choice of ramen and red tea. And I have to say that it was one of the most delectable and authentic Japanese dinner in the Philippines.

The sashimi tasted fresh and delicious. The asparagus-bacon sushi was very tasty. And the seafood ramen I ordered was one of the finest ramen I've ever tasted. The broth was amazing. And there are so many flavors and mixtures playing inside my mouth.

chashu ramen
seafood ramen


Sempai is located in the Korean part of the city, where most of the establishments have logo signs that I can not read.

The resto, like the restos in Japan, has that homey feel. The waitresses dressed like Japanese school girls are cute. But I wish they are dressed like Sailormoon.

If you are in Angeles City and you wanted something Japanese, Sempai is highly recommended.

The resto will soon open a branch in Nepo. That means it's within my vicinity. That's pretty exciting!


We only spent P1,000 plus for the dinner we had. That makes more or less P250-300 per person!

If I'm not mistaken, the only pricey dish I saw was the eel sushi (unakyu) which is around P300-400. You'll find a lot of choice of ramen, sushi, sashimi, maki, and bento meals all at affordable price.

Sempai Japanese Restaurant
Corner Lena Street Friendship Highway Angeles City, 2009 Angeles City, Philippines