Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fish Fingers With Cucumber And Tartar Sauce

After the Sunday worship today, the church (our church) has their first cooking showdown. The activity was merely for fun and fellowship while showing our passion for food. 

Four groups prepared and presented their signature dishes to the pastor who was the judge. The criteria was  plating/presentation, taste, and cooperation. 

Ours was just a simple dish. It was my idea to prepare fish fingers with cucumber and tartar sauce. Since the four of us in the group are not really expert in cooking, I felt that fish fingers was a safe choice. 

The budget for the dish was slightly over Php300. I made sure to keep the cost down. Nevertheless, we were able to prepare a great dish that got the approval of our sole judge.

(for the fish fingers)
cream dory (fillet) - 1kl.
100g. cornstarch
salt and pepper
oil for frying

(for a cheap version of tartar sauce)
mayonnaise (around 4 cups)
onion spring
salt and pepper

For the fish fingers:
  • slice the creamy dory to desired size
  • sprinkle with salt and pepper
  • covered it with the cornstarch
  • fry until fish fingers turn slightly brown

For the improvised tartar sauce:
  • mix the mayonnaise and vinegar
  • finely chop the spring onion and mix it in
  • put some sugar, salt and pepper

The issue about this recipe was that cornstarch makes a tough coating. Our judge suggested that we could have used bread crumbs instead. And the egg seems to overpower the creamy dory. So, only egg white should have been used. However, overall the dish received an approval. Hence, we are going to compete again for the semi-finals, yey!