Friday, June 29, 2012

How to Eat Muesli

Muesli (pronounced as myoos-lee) is a popular breakfast in other countries, especially in the west, but not here in the Philippines. Filipinos eat rice three times a day, basically giving no room for oatmeal except during snacks or when in diet.

Muesli was first introduced by a Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner for patients in his hospital where a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables was an essential part of therapy. (source: wikipedia) Traditional way of eating muesli is with juice but because of our familiarity with cereal and oatmeal, which is eaten with milk, many people thought it has to be eaten that way. I for one got it all wrong at first. However, I discovered something delicious too, which I'm going to reveal later on.

The dried muesli consist of rolled oats, cornflakes, seeds, nuts and dried fruits. I bought mine from a German deli shop for Php250. I think you can also find it in the imported section at the supermarket.

The original muesli recipe requires soaking the rolled oats. Then, adding lemon juice, condense milk or cream, grated apples and topped with nuts.  

The modern way of eating muesli is to first mix it either with milk, yogurt, coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice, or even plain water.

So, going back to what I discovered--I found out that soaking muesli with cream and condense milk and putting it in the chiller for like an hour or two makes it taste heavenly.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Korean Ice Cream

When we say Korean food, we often think of spicy and strong flavors that could sometimes turn our pale faces to fiery red. We immediately think of kimchi and the hot spicy noodles. I think of samgyupsal (grilled pork belly meat eaten with lettuce, kimchi, garlic and other relish), which has become my favorite. If those dishes awaken your senses, try Korean ice cream--it could melt your heart away, and you just want to say mmmm....

I've tried Pangtoa Cookies & Cream ice cream sandwich, which is amazingly delicious. It is available in English packaging. It comes in chocolate and vanilla flavor. I read a blog that says the chocolate flavor could beat Magnum!

The sandwich consist of the soft sponge cake filled with the cookies & cream ice cream. It's like a tasty and classy version of the dirty ice cream in a bun. For Php55, you get to enjoy this delightful ice cream sandwich.

Another must-try is Samanco. This is a vanilla ice cream with red bean paste wrapped in the chewy fish-shaped wrapper. Don't underestimate this little fish because its delicious and its quite huge for one person, only for Php55.

You can find these Korean ice cream in a specialty store, but you can also buy them at the supermarket and even in convenience store.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Margarita Station: Expat's Fave Hangout

It's impossible to think that an American or Australian expat in Angeles City wouldn't know of Margarita Station.

Ever since my college days, the bar/restaurant never goes empty. This is one place in town where you see a lot of foreigners come in to grab something to eat or simply for a cold beer or drink.

The place may look a little drab from the outside because of the wire mesh windows. But it's actually a decent place where you can bring your family and friends. Upon entering, you will immediately notice the bar section on the right side where you can see a bell. Once someone rings the bell, everyone inside the establishment would get a free drink--that rarely happens, of course. For the longest time, I've never experienced someone rang the bell. Across the bar, you will see the pool table area where Efren Reyes once played.

Margarita Station isn't air-conditioned, which isn't much of a big deal among the patrons.

the bar

billiard area at the opposite side

Margarita Station offers International cuisine. They serve American, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, English and Filipino dishes in generous serving.

I haven't tasted all in their menu but so far my ultimate favorite are pad thai, hokian mee, pancit bihon and the heavenly vanilla milk shake.

vanilla milk shake 

hokian mee

Margarita Station
Address: 940 Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Telephone number: 63-45-892-6547 to 48 or 63-45-322-0354
Mobile number: 0918-518-2436

Budget per person: Php200-300

Friday, June 1, 2012

Coco Fresco: Buko Juice and Buko Shake

Growing up in the south, where coconut trees grow abundantly, I have this natural appetite for buko (Filipino translation for coconut) and any food or drink made with it.

Grated young coconut meat is perfect for fruit salads. It is also fantastic for pies like the buko pies in Laguna. Local dishes prepared with gata (coconut milk) like ginataang monggo (mung beans with coconut milk), laing (taro leaves with coconut milk), ginataang manok (chicken stew in coconut milk), and ginataang langka (unripe jackfruit in coconut milk) are simply delectable. Coconut water in itself is already refreshing. But you can add milk and sugar to make it creamier and tastier. Add some ice, blend it to make buko shake--delicious!  What is not to like in buko?

When I first tasted Coco Fresco buko shake, I can't resist falling in love with it. It is yummy and healthy too. The ice is fine. The milk makes it creamy but doesn't overpower the buko taste. And it is not that sweet--just perfect for my taste.

Coco Fresco offers buko shake in variety of flavors. You can choose from their 5 best-selling flavored syrups: pandan, strawberry, caramel, ube, and chocolate.

And they recently introduced coffee and cookies and cream flavor too. What can you ask for?

For a more healthier drink, you can choose your own superfood in your refreshment.

If you just want plain buko juice, enjoy a chilled Coco Fresco buko juice.

Coco Fresco

Updated: November 2015